Gen Bill

Another Roof Donated by STL Roof Angels

First we get a call for a repair.  It had been pouring buckets of rain inside the house and down the chimney every storm. After a brief inspection we discover the condition of the roof was non repairable.  There was damaged shingles, missing felt, no proper flashing.  There wasn’t a bandaid solution to this situation.  On top of all that Tanya and Bahavi had already exhausted their savings getting the furnace working for the winter.  Tanya also is recovering from multiple open-heart surgeries and COYPD.  They have been mitigating the problems with the roof by using buckets and constantly mopping.  Their floor at this point is damaged.  Mold and mildew had been spreading, they even had mushrooms growing in the fireplace.  These were not healthy or habitable living conditions. We felt called to provide a solution to a family that had run out, and quickly went to work! The end result is nothing short of a miracle.   Watch the Magic Unfold