Our Story

STL Roof Angels was founded by Andrew Tansil, owner of Quality Roofing.  After his business reached a level of abundance thanks to the wonderful people of Saint Louis, he felt compelled to give back.  Being in the home improvement industry you get to know a lot of people on a personal level and you hear their stories.  There are so many people trying to make ends meet but aren’t afforded clean and safe living conditions within their home.  These people work jobs, have fixed income, lack homeowners insurance, and sometimes disaster strikes.  If they don’t have the savings or family to support the cost of necessary roof repairs the value of their home and their safety and quality of life can rapidly decline.  We exist for those people.  The individuals and families that have run out of creative solutions and are looking for a miracle.  Nothing brings us more joy than offering that saving grace to them.  We find families in need and donate roofs, decking, gutters, whatever is needed.  This website exists to tell our story and help us connect with the people that need it most.  Click here to nominate someone in need.  Click here to donate to the cause.

We Love Saint Louis and we’re here to make this world a better place.